We Create Success: Part Two

Our digital team is equipped with the knowledge, experience and creativity to develop and implement successful online communication strategies for our clients. With strong expertise in all things digital, combined with a refined understanding of our two additional pillars of service—public relations and marketing/advertising—the digital team develops and implements online strategies tailored specifically to each client’s needs, and in full alignment with the client’s other communications strategies and programs.

Our team has a hand in everything social media–whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. Our work encompasses social media strategy, content development, influencer engagement and the creation of social media campaigns. We also offer daily monitoring and analyze all social media channels’ metrics on a monthly basis to provide recommendations on increasing engagement and reaching your target audience.

Our digital advertising campaigns are focused, specific and strategic, crafted around your business’s mission and goals. We work proactively to ensure your message is reaching not just the largest audience, but the right audience. Our activities include developing and implementing advertising strategy across all social media platforms, drafting creative and compelling copy, implementing retargeting campaigns to reinforce client messaging, testing all ad campaigns to ensure optimal results, and reporting on the results to determine the best strategy moving forward.

Our emails regularly exceed industry benchmark averages for deliverability and engagement. Our full range of services includes strategy, copywriting, design, development and ensuring optimal deliverability of all emails. Metrics are always tracked and emails are constantly optimized to improve deliverability and engagement.

In today’s shifting digital landscape, websites are a requirement for any business, and the first introduction visitors have to your individual brand. For clients with existing websites, we conduct a comprehensive website audit, perform a detailed SEO analysis, review analytics, and provide recommendations to improve the usability of the site. Our team is also well equipped to design and develop custom websites that are fitting representations of our clients’ brands.