Working with influencers can be invaluable for today’s businesses to build real word-of-mouth advertising. In addition to increasing overall brand awareness, influencers help generate content with an authentic feel that resonates with consumers. Before exploring an influencer strategy, keep these insights in mind:

Finding the right influencers is key

Their audience is your audience. Their values, your values. Find those that have built trust with their audience.

Make it mutual

Work out a deal where both sides can benefit—and it doesn’t always have to involve money. Consider offering free product or services, or a percentage of sales towards an influencer’s charity of choice.

Think you can’t afford or attract meaningful influencers?

Look for micro influencers (10,001-100,000) or even nano influencers (100-10,000 followers). A small following isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s all about the engagement they receive, and if they fit with your target demographic.


Brands that embrace influencer strategies can make major marketplace gains. Becker Communications recently created an influencer campaign for a client that resulted in its highest sales month ever—even beating out pre-pandemic numbers. From strategy to design, implementation to results and ongoing engagement, our digital marketing experts are ready to help!