Leveraging imagery to illustrate a brand’s story is an invaluable marketing tool, creating even more memorable and influential campaigns across a variety of channels—website, social media, emails, advertising, publicity, and more. The New Year offers renewed opportunity to help customers find deeper meaning in your brand. So how can you improve your visual storytelling in 2023?

Be authentic

Before sharing your story with others, it’s imperative to understand your brand and remain true to its tenets. What does it stand for? What are the values?

Respect your audience

Know who they are and make engagement relevant.

Show, don’t tell

Visual brand storytelling done right connects directly with emotions—don’t get in the way of your customers’ experience. Identify b-roll, graphics, interviews/testimonials that resonate honestly and avoid needless text.

Develop a narrative

Look to time-honored story devices and structure for inspiration—such as showing audiences a challenge, followed by a solution or call to action.

What’s your story? Make a resolution to work with marketing-communications experts to cultivate your visual narrative and customer loyalty. You’ll ensure your brand’s distinct voice and vision are meaningfully articulated with a lasting impression.