‘Tis the season for strategic reflection on your 2022 communications plan with a fresh look at the possibilities for the future. As you evaluate the tactics that have served your company well along with those that didn’t advance the conversation, keep the following checklist in mind:

  • Does your communications plan align not just with your overall business goals, but also with your organization’s mission, vision and values? When considering why a campaign didn’t resonate with your audiences, the answer is likely that there was something inauthentic about the approach that didn’t complement the brand.
  • In this digital age, are your digital communications also keeping up with the times?
  • Are there internal communications considerations that need to be integrated into your plan?
  • Analyze the marketplace and your competitors. What were their successes and misses, and how can these findings further fine-tune your approach?
  • If you aren’t already, consider enlisting the help of communications professionals to develop a strategy that will not only lay the foundation for your communications efforts in 2022, but also keep your organization’s reputation on solid footing for years to come.

Happy planning!