The word “brand” is tossed about frequently when discussions about public relations, advertising and marketing arise. But what is a brand? It is not a tagline, slogan or logo. Those are manifestations of the brand. Your brand is your story. It should:

● Articulate your personality;
● Resonate with your authentic voice;
● Deliver a promise that is compelling, and on which you can deliver; and
● Clearly identify your uniqueness.

But that’s merely the definition. A brand is a living thing, and it’s up to the entire organization to breathe life into it and to make it credible. Brand credibility depends on a completely congruent organizational culture. It requires a consistent tone across every aspect of operations, every communications tool, and every behavior throughout the organization. Everyone, from the top to the bottom, must walk the walk, and talk the talk. Ultimately, every staff member should be able to give an “elevator pitch,” a concise, thirty-second explanation of what the company is, does, and stands for. The strongest brands are the ones that are the most reflective of and deeply ingrained in the company.