The short answer – absolutely not! You just need the right strategy to liven up your campaigns. In a digital world it’s easy to get lost in the virtual clutter, but these tips will help you effectively communicate with audiences:

Personalize beyond the customer’s name

Make the email relevant to each individual by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Collecting the right data, segmenting your email lists and developing tailored, compelling content are key.

Think timing and frequency

Identify the ideal day of the week and time of day to send out your email. Also consider the frequency—too many emails may cause irritation, while not enough may not keep you top of mind. Find the right balance for each of your audiences.

Embrace automation

Automated emails are by far the most effective, as they get information to your customers exactly when they want it. Examples include purchase confirmations, membership expiration notices, and birthday emails.


Developing an accurate approach takes a little time, but pays off well in terms of cost-effective connection with your audience. By working with digital communications experts, you’ll ensure best practices are in place for optimal engagement and engaged, happy recipients.